Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cannonball BSA

1927 BSA S27 Sports Sidevalve

  Here is the 1927 BSA that I will be riding across the northern United States in September 2012. This machine is a 500 cc side-valve model with a hand shift gearbox.. Notice the small front brake- I intend to replace all brake pads, as well as obtain several more as spares. I will also probably obtain a spare set of rims, tyres, and inner tubes. Additionally, it is my goal to find enough parts to build a complete spare engine and gearbox. Another project that will need to be completed is retrofitting a set of LED lamps into the functioning acetlyene lighting system to serve as running lights and brake lights. It is my goal to keep the acetylene lamps in functioning condition so that they may be used following the Cannonball. More pictures.    Any suggestions for a name?

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer # 3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team

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