Monday, March 26, 2012

BSA Running-In Update

  In the conclusion of last week's YouTube video documenting the first start up and test ride of the newly-completed BSA S27, viewers were treated to the caption "Now for the testing.." As a reminder, the lads at Vintage and Veteran are intending to put about 300 break-in miles on the machine before shipment. As of Friday (yes, this post is a few days late) Ken had put 45 miles on the clock and sent along some updates, both good and bad.

 "I have put 45 miles on the clock and found the bike to be really happy at 45-50mph at this stage of running in. I found it carried me quite nicely and it is a sparky eager machine. When run in it will be quite pleasing and up to the job. The engine did not get too hot and the weather tempature was 15 degree C. The riding position was fine for me. Adjustments:
  • The back stand clip needed tightening.
  • The control levers and cables needed re-routing and finally I decided the lever controls are too old to be repaired satisfactorily, so I am sourcing a new set - they will do for testing but will drive you potty on a long run.
  • The gear change rod worked undone, so a lock nut has been applied and given strict instructions to stay put.
  • Oiling seems to be OK - especially with the manual injector. Before each run out I drop the oil from the crank-case to inspect for quantity, evidence of imputities, condition - all fine. I then charge the crank case with the manual pump before setting out - 2 full actions.
  • Plug shows excellent mixture settings especially considering I have just put the carburettor on from the box - however, I did agree the settings with the engineer at Amal.
  • Clutch control cable re-routed and tagged to a different place to keep it away from the cylinder, but still free to move. Clutch action fine. Gear change positive and clean.
  • De-compressor control cable loosely linked with a ring to the gear change rod to keep it away from the cylinder.
  • Fork spindles tightened slightly
  • Tyres pumped up a bit, may let the front down a bit after the next run.
  • Chain adjustment not required.

Now for the not so good news, after the tank held petrol for 36 hours, it found its way out to freedom from the left rear corner of the tank whilst I was 10 miles from the yard. Just a faint trace, but it soon cleared the flux and dripped. I have taken the tank out, cleaned the inside with detergent, prepared the metal with a solution supplied and applied an ethanol resistant epoxy flo-liner from Tank Care Products to the base and back end of the tank. This requires to be done at very warm temeratures with the material at 60 degrees C [and the tank correspondingly warm] - all went to plan and the tank is now curing. 24 hours for a set in a warm room, then 4 days before it cures to take petrol. So, Tuesday next week is the next testing phase. Only a small bit of paint damage which will touch up. The painter is sending a small flask of green paint to me."

  After a few emails back and forth, things are progressing nicely. Ken and Phil installed the tank liner on Friday, and has been letting it cure since then. More running-in updates soon.

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer # 3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team

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