Friday, July 6, 2012

New Sponsors and New Crew Member

  If it wasn't for the help of many people, this race wouldn't be possible for my team and I. Racing an 85 year old machine across a nation requires dedication, time, hard work, and spares.....all of which require money. I'm so humbled by the financial support that has been given by many. Any and all donations to the team are greatly appreciated. We have also been graciously sponsored by several companies and individuals.

  Two of our most recent sponsors hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Willis Johnson, Founder of Copart, Inc. (Copart has already offered us a $5,000 sponsorship), very graciously sponsored our team recently for the amount of $10,000. Mr. Johnson's contribution to the Carson Classic Motors Cannonball Team is very much appreciated, and is very helpful to our efforts! Our second sponsorship came from the Wolfe and Travis Electric Company, for $500. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Wolfe and Travis is a leader in the commercial electrical industry. On behalf of the team, I extend my gratitude for your contribution and hope to see you somewhere along the journey. The link to the Wolfe and Travis Electric website is located at the top left corner of my blog, along with links to all of my sponsors who wish to be named.

  I am also pleased to announce the addition of another valued member to the Carson Classic Motors Race Team. Mr. Steve Norton, a very close family friend who hails from Horndon on the Hill, Essex, England will be joining our team for the duration of the coast-to-coast race. Steve is actually more like extended family from across the pond, and I am very glad that he will be accompanying the lads and I across America in this historic race.

  Don't forget that you, too, can donate to this adventure of a lifetime. There are several ways to contribute: use the PayPal feature on this blog, which is located below the "Sponsor Links", or check out the FundRazr application on the Carson Classic Motors Facebook Page. Both of these features are linked directly to our Cannonball Fund account. As a reminder, we are a "PayPal Verified" member, meaning that all transactions are completely secure. You can also contribute to the event directly by emailing me at, where I can give you an address for donations to be sent to.

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer # 3
Carson Classic Motors Raace Team

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