Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Becoming a Legal Road Warrior

  With the mechanical side of things going smoothly, I suppose a venture into other areas of preparations would be appropriate. As if there wasn't already a huge list of things to be done before the Cannonball, I realized that I have yet to inform my fans about a very important aspect to be completed. In the promotional video I had mentioned that the ride distance would be new to me, as the longest distance that I've completed up to now has been about 630 miles. Plenty of seat time would be required in preparations for the Cannonball's 3,800+ mile journey.

  That being said, I should also mention that I'll need to be a licensed motorcyclist before September....   Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have yet to obtain the motorcycle endorsement to become a "legal" road warrior. Shhhh.. Don't tell the "man." Gotta fight the system!  Okay folks, just kidding. I'm not out there raising hell like Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper, or causing trouble with the local branch of the Hell's Angels. I'm actually a safe rider, and I really don't venture onto the roads (not until I get my endorsement, that is). I will be the first to say that it's not a good thing to not have the license, and I do not encourage ANYONE to do the same. I've been "behind the eight ball" here, and procrastination has gotten the best of me. Well, maybe not procrastination...I've actually been so busy with my university and the things that tag along that I've never given myself enough notice to schedule a class.

  Now that February has arrived, it's time to get down to business and become a "law abiding citizen." The process to obtain a motorcycle license has changed in the state of Texas. As of a few years back, riders wishing to get a license are required to complete a motorcycle safety course before taking a written exam. Overall, it's really not a bad thing. The course is a two day, weekend affair with 10 hours of classroom instruction and 5 hours of riding training. Training is usually held in a giant parking lot (car park, for my UK fans) and teaches riders about braking, avoiding obstacles, running over small boards, and the like. Fairly basic stuff here.

  Good news, race fans...if everything goes according to plan, I should be signing up for a safety course on February 18th and taking the written exam shortly thereafter. My days of being an outlaw are numbered...what shall I do once I'm legal?! I'm making light of the situation, but I say once again that I don't endorse, encourage, or support other rider's following my lead and not getting their license or endorsement right away. Anyway, that being said, stay tuned for Part 4 of the BSA build, "Lighting up the Journey of a Lifetime: BSA electrical system."

As always, kind regards

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer # 3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team

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