Thursday, April 5, 2012

Satisfactory End (and a bit of silliness)

  Every day seems to bring more and more good news. On a daily basis, I'm getting exponentially more excited to participate in the Cannonball. Call me crazy, but I've even been having a few dreams about it at night. With this last communication from Vintage and Veteran, things are rapidly falling in line. As of this week (2 April), I've found a shipping company to deliver the BSA "across the pond". The last few weeks of comparing shipping quotes have not been enjoyable, as communications are limited with the time differences across the United States and the United Kingdom, and many companies (who shall remain unnamed) are focused on utilizing bad business practices. Anyway, here is the latest update from Ken Ashton in Burton-Upon-Trent. (I also must say, I quite enjoy the sense of humor that seems to thrive at the Vin and Vet shop. At the bottom of the email message, Ken added "Hope you enjoy the attached image... te-he."     For your viewing pleasure, see below)

"Hi Buck, to all intents and purposes it is ready for wiring and then delivery.

Our journey yesterday took us into the Pennines and up and down some serious long hills.  It took them all in its stride.  The carburation now seems to be adjusted just fine.  The jet needle is in position 2 from the bottom, so it can go two slots down to make it weaker in the Rockies, we also have smaller jets and a weaker slide in your pack.  We can also go one slot higher to make it richer.  So, plenty of scope there.  I cannot tell you how nice it was on the 20 -25 mile run back from Mike Wild's house - it went 45-50 all the way except for villages where 30 is the limit.  It swept round the bends in great style.  Dave Gould was following on his 1200 cc Yamaha and Little Phil followed on his Honda 400/4.  They checked the speedo I fitted and confirmed the speed readings, also the total distance travelled was within 1 mile in 80.  When we got back, the bike settled into the slowest, sweetest tick-over.  Brakes stopped me on some steep inclines [Cromford Hill is 1 in 6 to 8 and about 3/4 mile in length.  It pulled up the hill in second at 35.

It has done about 120 miles now and I am happy for it to be called "finished" - see below.  

I "serviced the BSA" today -
· Brakes did not need adjustment
· Slightly tightened the rear chain - primary OK.
· Drained the sump - about a cup full which is just right, re-primed with the manual pump.
· Checked the plug - gorgeous colour.
· Checked all fastenings - all tight.
· Tool box has sprung a seam - this is now with the welder and I pick it up tomorrow morning.
· Tyres at right pressure.
· Tank is sound - paint to repair the small corner is in the post to me. It holds about a 1/4inch when "empty" due to the raised boss of the outlet.
 I added a washer to the drain plug fitment
· The clutch went "heavy" yesterday - this was because the operating rod was "blacksmith made" and will have caused the problem - we are changing it for a 1/4inch silver steel rod and adding a bearing to the clutch end to lighten its operation and move the spinning from the clutch dome/end of rod, to the clutch dome - new bearing fitted onto the end of the new rod. 
· New levers are on order from Vintage-Replica in CZ"

Who says you can't remain a motorcycle rebel at heart?

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer #3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team

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  1. I assume all that smoke is from spinning the rear wheel.