Friday, April 27, 2012

New Sponsorship and BMOA Rally

  The Motorcycle Cannonball: Hop on an 83+ year old motorcycle and ride. Seems simple, right? If only the race was that easy. Readying the motorcycle is a huge part of the process, of course. But someone or something has to pay for the fun, of course. That's where the sponsorship/publicity push comes in. Up to now, our team has had a lot of generous corporate sponsorships (see the links on the top right side of this page), and some great donations by individuals. Thanks to the sponsorship flyers, we're also getting a lot of exposure to the public.

  I'm proud to say that this week, we saw another kind sponsorship of the race team. Unlike our other sponsors, this company has asked not to be publicized on my blog or on our Facebook page. So in accordance with their wishes, the company name will be withheld. However, I would like to take the time to offer my thanks and appreciation for the fantastic $5,000 sponsorship of our team--it truly means a lot to have the support of so many out there.

  We still have quite a ways to go until the event, though the days are going faster and faster. I'm hoping to sign on several more sponsors, as well as get some great media coverage of our efforts. That reminds me, I had mentioned a few weeks back in "On the Wall" that there would be some "big forthcoming news." Recently I had an interview with the Communications Department at my university, Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas about my Motorcycle Cannonball journey. I really appreciate the time that the staff spent with me, and the interest that they have shown in covering the event. Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be scheduling a photoshoot with the 1927 BSA (yes, it's only a bit away--more on that in the next post). The Communications Department will then post an article and photos on the front page of the university's main website! Thank you, Sam Houston State University for your support!

  Another big event coming up is the 28th Annual BMOA (British Motorcycle Owners Association) Rally in New Ulm, Texas on the weekend of May 18-20. Yesterday (April 26), my team and I were invited to attend by Houston member Vince Anderson. I'm quite humbled by the invitation and support that the local vintage world has thrown behind us. We will be bringing along the 1927 BSA, new trailer, and crew. I'm really excited about attending the event and meeting some fans/supporters. Plus, this will be the first big event for my BSA and I.

 The rally promises to be a great time, and looks to have some wonderful events going on during the weekend, including field games, a swap meet and bike show. I'm of the opinion that it's basically impossible to have a bad time at something like this. What's the worst that'll happen? We'll meet some wonderful new people, display some of our motorcycles from the collection, soak in the sun, and breathe in vintage motorcycling history! More on the event soon.

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer #3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team

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