Thursday, May 17, 2012

Motorcycle Safety Course

  Well, my friends, I know that I posted a few months back about my quest to attain my motorcycle license. The State of Texas recently made a requirement that new riders must enroll in and complete a "Motorcycle Safety Course." In the beginning, I wasn't that thrilled with the idea of riding around a parking lot (car park) for two days in first gear. However, I recently took the course locally and found out that it really was much more than that. Plus, it was actually fun!

  The safety course is a two day event, which involves both classroom instruction and riding situations out on the "range." What's nice about the course (though at times, a bit tedious) is that it is designed to be a basic course. Someone who had never even seen a motorcycle before could become proficient in the basic art of motorcycling over the course of two days. I've had a bit more experience than a "greenhorn," but the reason I enjoyed the course was because of the new skills I learned in the process.

My 250cc, Fuel-Injected "hot rod" for the weekend!
There are so many dynamics which go into riding a motorcycle, that we often lose sight of some of the important ones. The Rider's Safety Course teaches these skills and improves basic handling of machines.  Riders aren't required to bring anything but themselves, a pair of pants, and some boots. Helmets, gloves, and even motorcycles are provided.

  I would heartily recommend that everyone takes a safety course, even if your state or country doesn't require one for a license. Number one, you learn a lot of great new skills, and improve your overall riding ability. And number two, most insurance companies offer a discount to riders who actively complete a safety course! I had a great weekend, and more importantly, I'm one step closer to having my motorcyclist license. Now the only thing standing between me and legality is a written test, which I'm going to try and do this week!

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  1. Well, safety courses are done not to lecture people on how to ride a motorcycle, but to give people the proper information so that they can ride motorcycles safely. And it is good to hear that you enjoyed the two-day course. With the lessons and skills you learned, I bet you are more prepared to ride a motorcycle now!