Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reward for finishing the Journey!

Cannonball 2012 Sculpture, featuring a race between two riders and their trusty steeds!

  Recently many people have asked me "What's the prize for doing the Cannonball Run? Is it a cash prize, paid vacation, trophy, etc?" Well folks, here is your answer. Pictured above is the sculpture that will be awarded to the winner of the 2012 Cannonball. While to some this may not be as exciting as a briefcase of money, I'm really not in it for the trophy. Of course I'm setting out to win but, as someone once said "It is not the destination, but rather the journey." For me the race will provide lasting friendships, great memories, the chance to test myself physically and mentally, as well as the opportunity to ride through some of the most scenic landscapes that the United States has to offer. On a side note......I think the sculpture would look better with a handsome guy like myself riding a '27 BSA single, don'tcha think?

Buck Carson
Confirmed Cannonballer # 3
Carson Classic Motors Race Team

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